2017 Tunbridge Ride Hosted by Dog River Horse Club

6/23/17 Update:   Dog River Horse Club www.dogriverhorseclub.com will be running the Tunbridge Ride for 2017. Contact Patricia Branon  802-343-4101 or Karen Blow at 802-830-0147 for more information.


The Vermont Horse Council (VHC) Board of Directors would like to inform you that there will be no VHC sponsored Tunbridge ride this year, 2017.  Liability concerns have surfaced this year and we were unable to resolve the concerns in a timely enough fashion to allow the ride committee to plan a ride that would meet your high expectations.  We would like to thank you for your support over the years and are hopeful we will be on track to bring the ride back for 2018.  

In the meantime, it might be helpful for you to know that Green Mountain Horse Association hosts a lovely fall foliage ride from September 28 through October 2 at their South Woodstock facility.  This event does permit camping and might be a nice alternative for this year.  You can access more information about that ride at gmhainc.org.  

Another option is to come to the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and participate in the VHC NEKET trail ride that is scheduled for September 8 – 10, 2017.  There is a nice flat grass field for camper set up, tent camping and temporary corral set up.  The committee is working on new shorter loops and the traditional longer woodland loops will be available.  More information can be found at vthorsecouncil.org

The Vermont Horse Council is also planning a one-day ride on July 22nd in Orange, VT to support our important mission of funding equestrian education.  The ride will be no frills and will include two loops (one 6 mile and one 12 mile) on beautiful wooded trails and fields not seen by any of our members to date.  Details for this event will be on the website shortly.  

For those of you who have sent entries, paperwork and money for the 2017 VHC Tunbridge Ride, we will be returning all of your documents promptly.  

Most Sincerely,
VHC Board of Directors

Enjoy pictures and details from our 2015 Tunbridge Ride:

The Happy Trails of Tunbridge, VT

It’s September 25, 2015.  Trailers by the dozen appear at the Tunbridge VT World’s Fair Grounds at 1 p.m. Creaking rigs, neighing horses, and the clatter of trucks heading  toward the entrance gate signals the beginning of The VHC annual Tunbridge Trail Ride.

Tunbridge welcomes the 140 or so riders and horses with open arms.  The small but mighty town of 1284 people (2010 census) has covered bridges and churches that make the National Registry of Historical places.  Its World’s Fair has a history of its own, and the Fairgrounds are spotless – even starch white – in presentation.   Horse-camping here is a privilege. Whether you wire off a small paddock for your horses or use some of the stalls on the campgrounds, everyone feels safe and nestled-in at night when the air chills down, and the bonfire is lit.  

Personally, I tell friends it reminds me of a family reunion.  Families come from near and far.  There were riders this year from Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Hampshire.  It’s like all your friends meeting at one spot, bringing their favorite animals, favorite food, and happy demeanors.

Tunbridge, where you can ride up and down hills, through stunning greenery, rivers with covered bridges, pastures, farms, even cemeteries.  Did I mention how happy everyone is?  There are old friends, new friends, but everyone acts like they’ve known you forever.    The healthy smells of fall are in the air along with the familiar trail ride smells – horses, leather, coffee, bacon, sawdust, and hay.  And the ground shakes from the pounding of horses in big and small riding groups exploring the perfectly marked trails of 12-15 miles each day. The catered food is fabulous: bag lunch on the trail and hot breakfasts and dinners in the Fairground’s Gilman building.   

This year our weather was awesome: cool nights, crisp mornings, then warm temps in the day.  Horses were eager to go and the sights were pure Vermont.  The VHC Annual Tunbridge Trail Ride is a gift of gold.  I didn’t hear any complaints, except one.  A rider said to me “I could stay here a few more days and I’d pay double to do it.”  Can’t really call that a complaint. I’m sure a lot of people felt that way.

The VHC Tunbridge Committee is already working on next year’s ride.  Personally, I can’t wait.   Also check out www.onthespotphoto.com, under galleries, select equine folder and then selectVHC tunbridge Galleries 2015 and see the water crossings, trails, and lunch pictures for that weekend. See you there!

—  Bea Call-Morin and Terry Rose, October 2015