The Vermont Horse Council is dedicated to the support  of Vermont people interested in all activities and education including horses. One method of reaching that goal is to provide financial support to people wishing to obtain advanced training in equine studies or in occupations which are in direct support of the horse industry.


Purpose of scholarship:  To enrich the applicant’s life skills with any horse experience with any educational horse experience with educational value to be determined by the committee.

General Application Information:

Applicants must complete application.

Only first time applicants will be eligible.

All scholarship applications must be received between January 1, 2016 and June 1, 2016.

Application must include a reference from a  knowledgeable horse person who will share with the committee how the applicant will benefit from the scholarship (for example, an applicant purchasing a horse for the first time and will be taking a general horse educational clinic).

VHC does require an acknowledgement from the applicant who receives funds.  This must be presented at a general VHC membership meeting, presented to the board of directors  or through a written report back to VHC showing how the applicant benefited from the funds used.

Available Scholarships:

LEG UP Scholarship.   This fund is open to ALL current VHC members of all ages.  The committee will review review each application and then decide the amount that can be awarded to those that meet the requirements.  The scholarship awards will be based on  2 letters of reference.  The first letter written by an experienced horse person should address the applicant's knowledge.   The second letter is a personal reference addressing the applicants commitment and desire for increased education.  

CLIFF MURRAY and FLOYD FULLER The Founders of VHC.  This fund is also referred to as the college fund.  This fund is dedicated to supporting a college bound person furthering their education in equine studies.  This fund will be paid directly to the school of choice and to be returned if the partcipent declines to attend. Other requirements are the same as the LEG UP FUND.

JANE THOMPSON FUND is named after a long time member of the VHC who enjoyed Arabians and volunteering for VHC.  This funds requirements are the same as the LEG UP FUND.

Mail scholarship application to or for more information, contact:
Karen Rosemark
P O Box 314
Sheffield, VT 05866

Thank You From Recent 2015 Scholarship Recipients