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Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
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Large Animal Technical Rescue Info
The current Large Animal Technical Rescue Teams are:

  • ColchesterTechnical Rescue - Chittenden, Grand Isle and Washington Counties

  • Orwell Fire Department - Addison and Northern Rutland County -Being run out of the Lucy Mckenzie Humane Society by a trained responder - Orange and Northern Windsor County

  • Grafton Fire Department - Windham and Southern Windsor Counties

  • Middletown Springs - Bennington and Southern Rutland County

  • Craftsbury Fire Department - Lamoille and Orleans County

  • Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Department Technical Rescue - Caledonia and Essex County

The Large Animal Technical Rescue project was held under the umbrella of the Vermont Horse Council who provided the initial funding and acted as the 501C3 organization for funding purposes.  as the program expanded it became it was moved to responder/EM based organizations.   To access these services please call 911.






Helpful Links Regarding Animal Cruelty:

Title 13 : Crimes And Criminal Procedure

Chapter 008 : Humane And Proper Treatment Of Animals

Subchapter 003 : General Provisions

(Cite as: 13 V.S.A. § 365)

  • § 365. Shelter of animals

    (a) Adequate shelter. All livestock and animals that are to be predominantly maintained in an outdoor area shall be provided with adequate shelter to prevent direct exposure to the elements.

    (b) Shelter for livestock.

    (1) Adequate natural shelter, or a three-sided, roofed building with exposure out of the prevailing wind and of sufficient size to adequately accommodate all livestock maintained in an outdoor area shall be provided. The building opening size and height shall, at a minimum, extend one foot above the withers of the largest animal housed and shall be maintained at that level even with manure and litter build-up. Nothing in this section shall control dairy herd housing facilities, either loose housing, comfort stall, or stanchion ties, or other housing under control of the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets. This section shall not apply to any accepted housing or grazing practices for any livestock industry.

    (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision (1) of this subsection, livestock may be temporarily confined in a space sufficient for them to stand and turn about freely, provided that they are exercised in accordance with livestock and poultry husbandry practices, and are provided sufficient food, water, shelter, and proper ventilation.