2017 Vermont Horse Council Nominations

Greetings VHC Members! It is that time of year when we need to elect our Executive Board and open Board of Directors seats. In my short time as a BOD (since January) I have seen a huge amount of growth and working together to achieve major milestones. I am impressed to say the least! We have an organization to be proud of—onethat continues to develop and gain credibility across the state of Vermont: from state agencies and businesses to teaching organizations and individual horse owners.
A big round of applause to ALL who have served and helped move efforts forward in 2016! A special thank you to Karen Rosemark (BOD 2013-2016) for initiating various endeavors and carrying the torch, then graciously pass the torch for others to hold and shine bright. Karen generously donated her time, energy and funds. We all sincerely hope she continues on in some capacity to contribute her value to VHC.
For upcoming 2017, all four seats on the Executive Board need your consideration, as well as 2 BOD seats. Any VHC member can run for these positions, and as Nominations Committee Lead, I am putting forth the following people as prime nominations.

—Lucinda Newman (BOD)

Executive Board of Directors
1-year term

Position: President                         Candidate: Heidi Krantz
I live in Craftsbury with my husband, dog Koivu and 3 mares – 2 Morgans and a Mustang. I’ve learned a lot about different personalities living with this “family”! I’d like to be president of the Vermont Horse Council one more year because I would like to complete some projects such as the new corrals at Groton with Phyllis Civitello, signing a cooperative agreement with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation to solidify our relationship as their equine trail partner, and to host a second Equine Industry Summit. I hope to continue our successful work with the Governor’s Highway Safety Alliance under the leadership of Carmel Stone, and to undertake an equine industry economic impact study for the state of Vermont. Raising awareness of the Vermont Horse Council and the resources we can provide to horse owners in our state is another important goal.
I have ridden and owned horses for nearly 50 years. I was active in 4-H as a kid, and enjoyed learning about many disciplines including trail riding, competitive driving and dressage. I have had 5 horses in my life – watched 2 during their birth and sadly have had to bury two. It has been a privilege to be part of the Vermont Horse Council – thank you for that opportunity.
Position: Vice President                Candidate:  Jeanette Cole
I am Jeannette Cole and am running for the office of Vice President of the Vermont Horse Council.  Currently I am serving as one of the Board of Directors.   I recently retired after 39 years in various management roles within food manufacturing.   My family (husband and two children) and I have had the privilege of living in Vermont since 1996.
Some of you who are long time members of the Vermont Horse Council will remember that I have served as secretary for this organization for two terms when Mike Benoit was president.  In addition, I have been an active voice and volunteer in the equine trail development within Groton Forest. Currently I have an interest in building my teaching skills to introduce and foster connections between horses and youth.  I am a life long learner; horses have helped to fulfill this core value since 1962.   I have served on the board and in a secretarial capacity for the Eastern Competitive Trail Riding Association (ECTRA), have received my Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor Certification (now lapsed), participated as an auditor or rider with several natural horsemen including Dave Ellis, Jody Grimm-Ellis, Greg Eliel, Buck Brannaman, Glenn Stewart, and Sarah Grimm and have enjoyed being involved in several different capacities with my local riding club (Midstate Riding Club).  All of these experiences have broadened my understanding of myself, improved my horsemanship skills and connected me to a cherished community throughout the United States and Canada. 
With my business background, my proven track record of leading and participating on successful teams and my strong desire to be a part of the continued growth in membership and partnerships with many disciplines within our communities and organization, I hope you will look favorably on my candidacy.  I very much want to bring each member’s voice to the future direction of the Vermont Horse Council.  Thank you for your consideration. 
Position: Treasurer                         Candidate: Gloria Bruce
My name is Gloria Bruce and I am a wife, mother, and want-to-be homesteader that lives in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.  I have served as Treasurer for the Vermont Horse Council for the past year and I have been requested to service the council in this capacity for another year.
In the past year, we have transitioned our financial record-keeping and management to Quickbooks Online.  This transition has provided a number of benefits to include the ability for more than one person to access our financial platform at any given time from any given location.  This provides a check-and-balance environment that adds security for VHC financials.  Further, we are now able to track the engagement of our members year-over-year and we are able to provide more detailed information regarding our income, expenses, events and similar. The transition to Quickbooks is not yet complete as there are still opportunities for the VHC to leverage the Quickbooks platform in new and exciting ways.  If I continue on I would be in position to assist the VHC in furthering this transition.
I hold an M.S. in Management and Leadership and a B.S. in Corporate and Organizational Communication.  I am, at present, the Director of Communications and Marketing at Lyndon Institute, an independent high school located in Lyndon Center, VT.  I have served on a number of Boards throughout my career to include the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, the Vermont Arts Council, the North Country Chamber of Commerce, and the Nulhegan Gateway Association to name a few. 
Position: Secretary                          Candidate: Terry Rose
My name is Theresa Ferris Rose and everybody calls me Terry. I am running for Secretary of the Vermont Horse Council. I have been Secretary for the last 3 years. Before that I have held the positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer. I am also on the Tunbridge Ride Committee, have helped with the latest version of the by-laws and was past membership chair. I also belong to Dog River Horse Club, Mid-State Riding Club.
I would like to run for Secretary as it allows me to be involved with a dynamic group of people, use my organizational skills, communicate with great leaders and get a lot accomplished. This is the best way for me to serve at VHC as constant committee work can be a challenge.  I type 100 words per minute, use Microsoft word, email and excel.  I have held this position and taken notes at board and general membership meetings for the last 3 years. I have made sure to get my minutes to the Board for approval prior to submitting them to the newsletter chair. My skills, personality and experience with the organization makes me a great fit for this position!

Board of Directors
3-year term

 Morris Lasell
I am Morris Lasell from Williamstown, VT   I have been a member of the Vermont Horse Council since 1979.  I have served as a director several times and I have worked on several committees.  I have worked on the Highway Safety Committee, The Clif Murray and Floyd Fuller Scholarship Committee, The Youth Scholarship Committee, the Nominating Committee, Farm Show Committee and the Trail Maintenance Fund Committee.  I served as president in 1976, 1977 and again in 2003.  I was Vice-President for 2016.  I am a member of the Cross State Trail Ride Assoc., Dog River Horse Club and Orange County Farm Bureau.  I have served in the Town of Williamstown as a lister for 3 years and was on the Select Board for 9 years (3 years as chairman).  I owned and operated my dairy farm in Williamstown for over 40 years.  I am looking forward to helping the VHC Board of Directors continue with our many worthwhile projects.  
Candidate: Jim Nickerson
I’ve been a VHC member for a little over a year. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working with other members on growing our relationship with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in developing a partnering agreement that positions the VHC as the point of contact for equestrian use of state properties.  At the resource level, we have worked to expand trail use of the Willoughby State Forest, NEKET and the adjacent Victory Basin.  My equestrian career has included ownership of a 30-stall boarding and training facility for ten years and participation in Norfolk Hounds in Massachusetts where I earned my colors, Shamrock Hounds in Georgia and North Hills Hunt in Nebraska.  My current work as Vice President, Energy Services involves the siting and permitting of large scale energy projects around the country.  I see an important VHC goal as positioning the council to foster others in developing workable plans for using the extensive public land resources available to the equestrian community.

—Lucinda Newman, Jessica Riley and Jim Nickerson