Abridged Version of Vermont Horse Council Membership Meeting October 22, 2016

The 2016 fall quarterly meeting of the Vermont Horse Council, Inc. was held at Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) Building in Rochester, VThknox@fs.fed.us; (802) 767-4261 X 530).

Willoughby:  The committee met with Lou Bushy regarding horse campsites. VHC will show him the plans. The committee wants to stress VHC did have a permit and permission for all of the trails and roads used at the ride. The committee hopes to have another ride next year.

Tunbridge:  Motion was made to let the Tunbridge committee spend up to $900 on entertainment in 2017. The money will come from money received from the silent auction. Motion made by Morris Lasell, seconded by Phyllis Civitello.
Equine Summit: Jessica Riley spoke. The Summit will be held October 26th at VTC's Judd Hall. Primary goal is to bring equine industry professionals together to discuss challenges they are facing. A round table forum will be used for discussing equine economic impact within the state. The committee hopes to grow in number in the future.  

Jim Nickerson spoke about the Willoughby ride. There were questions regarding the location, the Insurance binder, and permits from the state. Questions about the permit ensued. Heidi is taking volunteers for dealing with the insurance, managing permits with the state, etc.  Jim suggested an annual fee of $50 for access to the state parks to cover VHC rides for the year. All approved.

Membership: Currently we have about 180 addresses. We are hoping for additional memberships after the Equine Summit, which was held on October 26, 2016.  Twenty-five (25) members receive their communication via USPS.
Jill DeVoe handed out her contact info, as she is now Newsletter editor. She is looking for feature stories of members. Meg Costello also offered to submit a write up about Groton to Mane Stream.

Website: Statistics regarding website traffic was shared by Heidi Krantz (5,706 visits; 13,878 page views; 4,073 audience size).  VHC pays $300 annually to Michelle Warren (webmaster) for her work.

The Clever Clover 4-H Club invited Heidi to an event they had where they demonstrated safety on horseback when trail riding and when on horseback in general. A newspaper article from The Herald of Randolph was shared with the group.

Heidi told about a horse in Jeffersonville that was struck by a car as the owner was walking a team up the road. Heidi contacted Judy Simpson and the event was reported on WCAX. The owner of the car was ticketed and given 2 points on her license. The "horses on the road" law does still exist, however horses are covered under "vulnerable users", which is a stricter classification. 

Governors Safety Alliance: Carmel will post on our website/newsletter, etc. Drivers' Ed and Governors highway safety information.

Nominations committee was appointed: Jessy Riley, Lucinda Newman, Jim Nickerson

Quilt Raffle was done:   James Deberville won the pillow,  Patricia Maloney won the quilt

By-laws results as counted by Jeannette Cole, Morris Lasell and Terry Rose were read and all proposed amendments were approved. Results as follows: Change #1 approved 23 to 5, Change #2 approved 20 to 8, Change #3 approved 21 to 7, Change #4 approved 22 to 6, Change #5 approved 23 to 4 with one blank, Change #6 approved 22 to 6, Change #7 approved 19 to 9, Change #8 approved 23 to 5.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm; motion made by Sue James, seconded by Jeannette Cole.
—Terry Rose, Secretary