Behind the Scenes

Hello VHC Enthusiasts,     

Here is a brief look at what has been happening behind the scenes at your organization.

Our annual Meeting was held at the Capital Plaza in Montpelier, VT on January 26th. There was great discussion about what was accomplished in the year along with a great slide show about Shore to shore presentation offered by Jean Audet – Sharing stories, adventures, stress factors, and photos from the multi-day ride across Michigan.

Presidential Recognition and thanks go out to:

  • Morris Lasell for MANY years of service in leadership roles

  • Doug Smith for role on the Board as well as other service to VHC

  • Bev McMullin for recruiting many members to serve in active roles, while striving to ensure that all geographic segments of the state are represented

  • Heidi Krantz for her role in driving the economic impact survey forward and her years as President and a member of the Board.

 Your new Board of Directors are: Sue Miller President, Michelle Grald Vice President, Secretary Diana Huntley, & Treasurer remains Nancy Palermo-Lee. New to the Board this year are Sharon Stearns & Amanda Lamoureux other Board Members are: Jean Audet, Gloria Bruce, Jeannette Cole, Jim Nickerson & Peter Otto.

The first meeting was held at Northfield library on February 16th. With Sue Boyer, Diana Huntly, Jeannette Cole, Heidi Krantz, Jean Audet, Belinda Brown, and Amanda Lamoureux in attendance with Jim Nickerson and Sharon Stearns conference calling in.

Items Discussed were:

  • By Laws and Board responsibilities

  • Committees and interests

  • Archive files and Google Drive

  • Fundraiser Ideas

Goals for 2019 are to increase membership, drive up promotions of VHC in all media realms, try to link more state clubs to VHC, Trail mapping, 4 educational events listed below, increase scholarship funds, Economic Impact Survey, continue to have a voice in the legislature, 4th Equine Summit.