Act 250 Meeting Dates

Dear VHC Members:

I try not to inundate you with blog posts, but this one is quite important and your attendance to one of the meetings as well as your help in spreading the information to your other horse buddies who might not be seeing this blog would be greatly appreciated.  Being present to show the horse community numbers might be all that you feel comfortable doing and that is just fine.  However, if you do feel like speaking up, some talking points are included below.  Please remember to always remain respectful with your input.  Thank you in advance for helping the greater equine community.  

Most Sincerely,
Jeannette Cole VHC President

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The Vermont Horse Council Board of Directors encourages the equestrian community to consider attending one of the upcoming Agency of Natural Resources regional summits that they are hosting to gather input about Act 250, including its impact on trails in Vermont. The Commission on Act 250: The Next 50 Years was established by the Vermont Legislature to work on modernizing Act 250, which has regulated development in the state since June 1970.


We think it is important that the Commission hear voices of the trails, equestrian, and outdoor recreation community during this process.  The meeting dates and locations follow:

* Randolph - July 25 - 6-8 pm

* Island Pond - Aug. 22 - 6-8 pm at American Legion

* Rutland - Sept. 5 - 6-8 pm at Franklin Conference Center

* Burlington Sept. 12 - 6-8 pm at Burlington Elks Club

The Vermont Horse Council supports the work of the Commission as conservation, and environmental protection are of great importance to us. However, we are considerate that Act 250 regulation can at times create confusing, expensive, and time-consuming challenges to trail management and development.

We invite you to attend these meetings to voice the importance and benefit of Vermont trails as you see them.  If you can attend one of these meetings, please respectfully and constructively share your reasons for supporting trails as invaluable resources that support the State of Vermont.

With thanks,

Jeannette Cole, President

To follow are a few links about Act 250 and the Commission for your review and consideration: