Volunteers Needed: Trail Project - Groton State Forest 

Jack Brooks, the Trails Coordinator for Groton State Forest has asked for volunteers to help clear a possible new section of trail in Groton State Forest.

We're meeting June 16th at 9AM at Dave Spencer's house at 194 Log Pile Lane, Groton. We're going to cut our way through some thick brush. The path is flagged and Jack is trying to get that trail open all the way through and approved. 

Wear appropriate clothing, bring your own hand tools, lunch and water to drink. Contact vthorsecouncil@gmail.com to confirm or to get more information. 

Here's the background on the trail work so far:

Jack and other state staff started to clear the way for a new Peacham Bog trail (hopefully we will give it a new name so as not to confuse people) that would be more horse and bicycle friendly. This multi-use trail is part of the FPR plan to expand the multi-use network of trails in that area, or at a minimum, a long loop for multi-use, connecting the East of GSF to the West of GSF. 

The State will be improving the far end of the trail that we will be clearing. That project includes hauling in over 40 cubic yards of gravel to get the trail off the bridges and onto dry ground. The gravel will be used to shape and smooth out the trail. It is calculated to extend 800 feet past the last of 2 bridges and puncheons, to an old skid road where the new trail is being proposed, and what we have been clearing. This will happen near the end of the season. 

To continue on this theme, the trail after the graveled section, heading toward Devils Hill is in the Groton State Forests plan to get improved and/or rerouted as an extension of the multi-use trail. This part of the long loop will be what closes the loop, terminating on the Peacham Pond trail that the Horse Council helped Jack to open up 2 years.