Riding Into the Sunset

How to stay in the saddle for many years!      

Have you lost the “oomf” to mount your horse? Is throwing 300 bales of hay harder than it once was? Then come learn ways to strengthen, supple and stretch your riding career!


Chris and Liz Keglor of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center will share information to keep our minds and bodies flexible as we practice yoga stretches and build strength that will help extend riding adventures when used regularly.

 Saturday, April 21            10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Main Activity Center

Workshop free to VHC members                               $35 non-members


During the 1.5 hour yoga session Liz will help us master breath work, hip openers, shoulder stretches, deep twists, and lateral stretches to improve flexibility, balance and connection with your horse when riding. Chris will teach us warm up and strengthening exercises to help prevent injury and improve core strength for a long riding life. Enjoy a brown bag lunch in the COC Activity Center after the sessions.

Chris is available for individual massages $45/half hour $75/hour – email keglors@yahoo.com to schedule.

The mission of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center is to support and promote participation and excellence in lifelong sports with a special focus on rowing, nordic skiing, biathlon and running, to use and teach sustainable practices and to protect and manage the surrounding land, lake and trails.