Annual Meeting Summary

Board member Gloria Bruce presents Horse Person of the Year award to Becky Williams of Horses Home Again

The 2018 Vermont Horse Council Annual Meeting kicked off with the presentation of the Horse Person of the Year Award to Rebecca Williams, a certified veterinary technician and director of Horses Home Again a unique equine welfare and rehoming program serving Vermont. Becky’s presentation provided information, guidance and inspiration to the 30 members and guests who attended the meeting at the Charlemont Restaurant in Morrisville.

Following Becky’s presentation, certificates of recognition were presented to a number of people who helped the Council with exceptional service and dedication. We moved through acceptance of minutes from the October general membership meeting, acceptance of the Treasurer’s report, and a brief explanation of the proposed budget for 2018. These documents and others from the annual meeting will be available at (insert link).


A review of the Accomplishments and Scorecard for 2017 and plans for 2018 was reviewed, and those present were encouraged to share their ideas for clinics, speakers and programs. This document can be found at the link above.

Attendees were encouraged to consider volunteering for committees and projects, or to consider donating to help rebuild our scholarship and equine emergency funds.

As a result of elections Jeannette Cole is president of the 2018 Board of the Vermont Horse Council. Sue Miller is Vice President, Sue Boyer, treasurer, Nancy Palermo-Lee, treasurer. The following people are directors, Morris Lasell, Jean Audet, Gloria Bruce, Jim Nickerson, Peter Otto, Chelle Grald and Heidi Krantz.

Bonnie Timmerman provided helpful information about saddle fit to close the meeting – giving us all some things to think about as we wait for spring riding!