With Gratitude

The Vermont Horse Council is blessed with many generous volunteers.

Just recently a number of folks from around Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Canada sent wonderful letters of support to add to our application for a grant to help us complete the installation of permanent corrals at New Discovery Campground at Groton State Forest. Everyone please send good thoughts to the award committee to grant us our requested funds!

Then Doug Smith stepped up - left behind his kitchen renovation project to attend represent the Council at the quarterly meeting of the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council. Watch for a future blog with information about that meeting! Thanks Doug- now back to that kitchen!

And sadly, it is with the deepest appreciation that we offer our gratitude to Terry Rose who recently resigned her position as Secretary. Terry has filled nearly every role there is to fill in the Council. And she filled them all with professionalism, patience, commitment and dedication. "Thank you" does not begin to express the many ways the Vermont Horse Council has benefitted from Terry and her generosity. We wish her all the best in her next adventure.

Meg Costello has been appointed by the Board to fill the remainder of Terry's term. Meg is another dedicated volunteer, having most recently served as the Vice President just two years ago. Meg's contact information can be found on the website, on the About Us page.

If you'd like to volunteer, there are many opportunities to help - just contact a Board member to let us know you are interested!

And don't forget to sign up or donate to the Reciprocity Ride to support our Scholarship Funds!

Happy Trails!