AHC 2017 Time to Ride Challenge

The 2017 Time to Ride Challenge is about to commence and this is your opportunity to participate and involve your members in the fourth year of this program to grow the horse industry. Time to Ride and the Challenge is operated by the American Horse Council’s Marketing Alliance, over twenty organizations that have committed to grow the horse industry cooperatively.
The Time To Ride Challenge has proven to be a successful grassroots competition that challenges and awards stables, associations, clubs, shows, exhibits and equine businesses (called "hosts") to introduce new people to an experience with a horse. The Challenge provides cash awards to the top hosts that introduce the greatest number of newcomers to horses through beginner-friendly events. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 hundreds of professionals from the horse community across the country introduced nearly 100,000 newcomers to horses and won $300,000 in cash and prizes – while growing their own businesses at the same time.
“Certified Horsemanship Association was thrilled to participate in the Challenge Association Program,” says Christy Landwehr CHA Chief Executive Officer. “In this way our certified instructors and accredited equine facilities could be a part of the Time to Ride Challenge and win money as well as recognition and prizes from CHA.  And best of all we are all helping to grow the equine industry with new people who will be future association members, riders, horse owners, show competitors, etc.”
In 2016, the Time To Ride Challenge became associations’ own membership and marketing drive. Time To Ride is inviting your association and your members to participate in the $100,000 Challenge, and is providing a platform for your association to offer additional prizes specifically to mobilize your members and stimulate interest in your breed, discipline or organization. The Challenge Association Program is offered at no cost to you, but has the potential to benefit you and your members. All you need to do to get starts is contact Christie Schulte, christie@timetoride.comor 512-591-7811 and indicate that you’re interested or have questions. Time to Ride will provide all of the information and help you may need!