Farm Bureau Days at the State House

January 25, and February 22, 2107

The horse community was well represented at Farm Bureau Days at the State House on January 25th. Heidi Krantz (VHC's President), Terry Rose (VHC's Secretary) and a husband and wife team, Ken and Eli Norman gathered with 20 other Farm Bureau members at the state house to help raise awareness to our State Representatives and Senators of the various types of farming practices Farm Bureau members demonstrate.

Farm Bureau President, Joe Tisbert, Legislative Director1, Lyn Demarais, joined us at the State House cafeteria for breakfast and to get to know each other a little bit and have a chance to meet legislators. At 9:30 we all went to the Senate Agriculture room where it was standing room only. Farm Bureau members told their stories about farming and the Senators were very good listeners, especially Robert (Bobby) Star, who seemed to take lead of the group. At 11:00 am our group went to the House Agriculture and Forestry room where we told our farm stories again.

Concerns about the required Ag practices were discussed, funding for Veterans for Farms was learned about, pleas for continued government funding for organic farming and farming in Vermont were heard.

One speaker pleaded we not "shake the ground too much for farmers". More than one farmer praised the Two-plus-two program between VTC and UVM.

Heidi represented VHC members very well, stating the classification of equine as livestock was very important as horses seem to have been forgotten in ag practice wording, sharing VHC view that equine businesses/farms support Vermont’s working lands, add significantly to Vermont’s agricultural economy and provide employment and business opportunities for young people in this state.

Mark your calendars for February 22, 2017 for a chance to do this again..