Dhayne Gillen Thank You

Dear VT Horse Council,

I had so much fun at the Center for America’s First Horse, Horse Camp this summer.  I mentioned I would send some pictures and here they are.  These were all taken by Tom Crockett.

We did so many different things during camp.  These are a few.

Can my horse stand still while I mount?

Getting my pony's energy out by sending him out in a circle to walk, trot and canter.

Getting last night’s dirt off Coyote.

Jumping Coyote over tires to get the rest of his energy out.

Walking through tight spaces.

I practiced lots of Natural Horsemanship techniques during the week, like sideways.  Sideways is when the horse crosses all four legs at the same time next to a wall to keep straight.  I did some liberty work which is sending your horse in a circle with no ropes attached.  I also practiced a little dressage.  

Thanks again for giving me a scholarship!!!!

Dhayne Gillen

Age 9