New Trail Completed at Groton State Forest

Just over a year ago a group of Vermont Horse Council members began working with Jack Brooks, the state trails coordinator to develop a wonderful trail, The Peacham Loop, at the New Discovery Campground at Groton State Forest. Phyllis Civitello, VHC Groton Committee Chairperson coordinated the effort that kept her husband Mike, Brenda and Morris Lasall and state crew members busy throughout 2015.

Walking and mapping the potential trail began last fall, and the group proposed a loop that would provide much needed shorter ride option in Groton State Forest. Approval for the new trail was granted just one year ago. Early this spring the group gathered to begin work on a stream crossing, in preparation for installation of a new bridge. Huge logs were removed; some were likely old culverts!

Meanwhile, Morris took to the woods to fell and mill trees for the bridge he and JackBrooks designed. This work alone required a good week or two cutting trees then dragging and milling them. He loaded and delivered the logs and brought his tractor there to drag the 3 / 20 ft. bridge trusses up the trail to bridge site. 

Work was completed this fall and the new trail is open for use. Many thanks to the folks who worked on this project! Add this trail to your “Must Ride” list for next year!

11/28/2015 - Heidi Krantz