Summer Camp at the Center for Americas First Horse

I wanted to thank you for the summer scholarship money that you gave to me to attend the summer camp at the Center for Americas First Horse.  I spent two weeks there this summer riding and learning more about horses, how to care for them and most importantly I learned more about building my relationship with my horse.  I have taken what I learned and done some school projects to help other people see how special horses are and how fun it is to spend time with them.  I did two western dressage tests in a show this fall and was able to use what I learned at  summer at camp! I love spending time at the barn with the horses even on days when I am not riding.  When I grow up I hope I can do something that includes horses because they are so important to me in my life.   Thank you again for the scholarship and I hope to go to the camp again next year.  I attached some pictures from the summer and fall I hope you like them J

Thank you,
Natalie Start