Upcoming Events and The Latest News

  • Oct 11- BOD Meeting, 7:30 - 9 pm Via WebEx conference call (members contact kcolejeannette@gmail.com for sign in information)

  • Oct 27 - Membership Meeting, 10AM - Our membership meeting takes place at Willoughby View Farm in St. Johnsbury. We will be joined by Kate Scarlott who practices accupressure and the Tucker Biokenetics Technique. "Tucker Biokinetics Technique" (TBT) was created by Dr. Renee Tucker, author of 'Where Does My Horse Hurt'. Dr. Tucker is a veterinarian certified in acupuncture and chiropractic. She developed TBT after seeing chiropractic adjustments not holding, requiring repeated treatments, and sometimes not addressing the primary issue(s). TBT is an energetic alignment modality which works by connecting with Biokinetic Masterpoints. TBT "informs" the neurovascular, musculoskeletal and other systems that the new alignment is taking place. Thus, muscle memory is eliminated, saving repeat misalignments and repetitive treatments. The work of both TBT and Acupressure are to get to the core of what is causing a horse or other animal's movement restriction, illness, emotional imbalance or other health issues and to fix it to the greatest extent possible. Both techniques are gentle, safe, and very effective and engage and work with the animal's powerful ability to heal itself, which brings lasting healing at all levels -- emotional, physical, mental and in the spirit."
    LOCATION: Willoughby View Farm, St Johnsbury, VT

  • Nov. 29: Vermont Equine Industry Summit-Vermont Technical College, Randolph, VT. The 2018 agenda includes: an update from the working group focused on developing the “Economic Impact Study of Horses in Vermont” and guest speaker and HR Professional, Teresa Miele, who will be presenting on the topic of “Finding, Hiring, and Training Quality Employees” using non-traditional and creative strategies. Additionally, there will be time for facilitated networking, an update from the Vermont Farm Bureau, and a catered lunch. $25

  • Dec 13 - BOD Meeting, 7:30 - 9 pm Via WebEx conference call (members contact kcolejeannette@gmail.com for sign in information)

Horses are an important aspect of life in Vermont. From the days of draft horses working on the farm, the breeding of Morgan horses to our equestrian community, over 75,000 horses can be found in Vermont today. Occasionally, you will see them on the road.


We are nearing completion of the first phase of the equine industry study. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who attended over 25 equine events this summer to administer surveys. If you participate in events in Vermont, please take the survey  at  https://bit.ly/2LGjFBl.

The second phase of the survey is ON HOLD while we raise funds to continue the project. This survey will assess the expenses of horse ownership by asking Vermont horse owners about costs associated with owning and managing a horse, including, feed, vet and farrier services, and ancillary expenses such as fencing, barn construction, vehicles and trailers. FUNDING is needed to implement this phase of the study. To donate click here